GIANT KILLER #2 (Faithfulness)

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Giant Killer (2)

‘If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones.’ Luke 16:10

It’s really important to remember that giant-killers usually don’t start out as giant-killers. David was a musician, humble shepherd and overlooked son; Matthew started as a tax collector; Peter as a fisherman; and Elisha as a farmer. And Jesus spent more years as a carpenter than he did as a preacher.

The common characteristic of these spiritual achievers is faithfulness. They were faithful in the little things, which opened doors for God to trust them with bigger things. Luke 16:10 says: ‘Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much’. The same applies to us: when we can overcome smaller responsibilities, we’ll be trusted with more, preparing us to face and overcome giants. Giant-killers also know that the reward is always greater than the risk. Satan specialises in whispering words of fear and anxiety in our ears to try and stop us achieving great things. But we must believe the promise is greater than the problem, the objective is greater than the objections, and God is greater than our giant. The belief that ‘God is greater’ is the essence of a faith that persists in the face of fear.

So, let’s be a generation who depends on God, challenges the giant, and joins the ranks of God’s giant-killers.

So what now? Ask God for faith in the face of your fears. Ask him to help you depend on him and believe that he’s greater than the giants you face. With him you are a giant-killer!

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